Digital Audio

The Boom of Streaming Audio

Digital or streaming audio has become an everyday part of most of our lives in some capacity or another.

News, sports, music, podcasts – you name it. You can access it all over the connected internet. There are a few immutable truths to streaming audio in its current state.

  • People spend more time with digital audio now than ever before, leading to massive advertising potential.
  • People love listening in – it helps pass the time on long commutes, provides opportunities for passive listening while gardening or doing household chores.
  • Radio, on-demand streaming, podcasts, and so much more – the list of digital audio formats continue to grow.
  • With the rise of voice search, brands need to get creative to communicate appropriately with their audience.

So how can your brand take advantage?

There are two primary methods of targeting audiences with streaming audio:

Programmatic Audio

  • Also known as audio ad automation, a growing, important factor. It automates the buying, selling, and fulfillment of audio ads using first and third-party data-backed solutions.
  • Spotify seems to be taking the lead in programmatic advertising, claiming ¼ of its ad revenue comes from programmatic sales.

Context-Aware and Personalization

  • Done programmatically at scale or more manually in several forms.
  • Regardless of the format, the goal is to have a highly customized and personalized campaign targeted individually to each consumer. Context-aware ads have a greater standout and higher recall.
  • They also have much better engagement than traditional advertising. 

Audio adverts will continue to be a successful strategy in advertising products and services. Reach out to CTR Response to learn more about our audio advertising strategies.

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