Client Results

Automotive Case Study

Our client was in the need of moving more new car sales using their digital co-op.  After meeting with the client, the success of the campaign was narrowed down to Calls from Ads and Click-to-Call from the two campaigns.

Our approach was simple, utilizing the dealership’s inventory management system, we were able to serve dynamic ads. This allowed the consumer to constantly see updated inventory.

HVAC Case Study

Our client wanted to generate more business from key business areas during the spring & summer. The client chose 6 key areas of business to focus their digital advertising efforts. Their main objective was to generate leads from calls from each ad property. Using our proprietary campaign structure, we delivered 5x over the client’s original goal of the campaign. Each ad platform was customized to perform their desired outcome.

Manufacturing Case Study

Our manufacturing client needed to generate more business from their distributors in the U.S. They chose 7 of their markets to target their search and display campaign. Manufacturing can be a bit of a tricky industry for marketers in general. Their targets are very niche which can create problems with creative to targeting. Our approach was simple, keyword analysis to define best strategy for responsive search ads placed alongside a display campaign resulting in outperforming our initial projection within the first 7 days.

Attorney Case Study

After finalizing the strategy with our in-depth keyword analysis, we launched the campaign, and within two days CTR Response delivered the same number of conversions that took previous vendors a month to achieve.

The legal category has become extremely competitive over the last two years, especially along the Gulf Coast. Helped by great brand equity in the market, we were able to take the framework of the previous digital vendors campaign build, and apply CTR Response’s custom bid strategy and optimization tactics to deliver triple digit percent increases for the client’s KPI’s

Healthcare Case Study

Our client’s main KPI’s were calls from each ad property as well as appointment bookings. Our custom-built campaign structure achieved 5x over their original goal with their previous vendor.

Our approach was simple, create three campaigns utilizing each part of the consumer journey.

Travel & Tourism Case Study

We worked with a travel and tourism bureau to help spread an awareness campaign to a specific destination in Northwest Florida. The main goal of this campaign was to get consumers that normally vacation in the area to put this specific destination in their consideration of places they would most likely travel, and drive engagement and growth.